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Myotherapy Biodynamic Analysis & Assessment 

Welcome to our specialized service combining Myotherapy, Biodynamic Analysis and Physical Assessment to optimize biodynamic efficiency in your daily life and/or athletic performance.

What is a Biodynamic Analysis and Assessment?

An innovative approach that involves a thorough evaluation of the patient's specific quality of movement and compensating pattern to address what causes aches and pain, both within the daily life of the general population, as well as within sports-related environments. This is to enhance biomechanical efficiency, targeting those possibly harmful or unhealthy adaptions that all of us, over our lifetime, tend to adopt. 

The Process

  • Detailed explanation of the assessment process, including:

    • Evaluation of sports-specific movement patterns, or daily activities/working patterns and biomechanics.

    • Biodynamic analysis to assess energetic imbalances and their impact on performance/ movement efficiency (digital programs like "Kinovea" may be used).

    • Various testing methods (orthopaedics, range of motions, neurological examination, bilateral strength comparison, functional testing) to establish the specific problematics.

    • Elaboration of a specific rehabilitative program, tailored to the individual's specific presentation, to be implemented from the following sessions. The program would involve primarily exercise prescription and patient's education about their situation, with the aid of manual therapy techniques, such as massage, cupping or dry needling. 

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