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Edoardo is our myotherapist and remedial massage therapist, fully qualified with an
advanced diploma in myotherapy and a diploma in remedial massage. His provider
number is accepted by most of the health insurance companies and therefore you will be
able to claim back the rebate that is covered under your policy.

His treatments are based on anatomical assessments, during which he will identify the
postural imbalances in your body and the restrictions affecting your range of motion.
Based on these findings, he will then elaborate his treatment plan accordingly in order to
improve your quality of life by reducing aching and restrictions.

He is particularly interested in managing conditions deriving from sport activities and
how to enhance the performance before a competition, while reducing the risk of
Some treatment modalities he might adopt are the following:
1. Trigger points release
2. Myofascial release
3. Cupping
4. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (or tense machine)
5. Myofascial dry needling
6. Home care exercises and stretching will be suggested in relation to your

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