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Do you have stabbing, hammer-like pain on your upper back? You may have “Gao Huang Pain”.

Gao Huang pain is a type of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) disease that usually occurs around the Gao Huang acupoint on the back. It is characterized by dull, sore, or stabbing pain that may persist for a long time and recur frequently, accompanied by burning, tightening, or heaviness.

Pain often appears on one side and may spread upward to the same side shoulder, neck, or even involve the same side neck, back, and upper limb in severe cases.

The causes of Gao Huang pain may be related to weak constitution, long-term fixed working posture, mental tension, emotional instability, etc. Patients may experience more severe pain during fatigue, staying up late, cold weather, or rainy and humid weather, and other situations.

Traditional Chinese medicine treatments for Gao Huang pain include acupuncture, massage, and Chinese herbal medicine, but individualized treatment plans are required.

Common modern medical treatments include physical therapy, exercise therapy, painkillers, etc. The specific treatment method needs to be determined by a doctor based on the patient's condition.

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